Knowledge Sharing & Education outreach

Over the time the Eastern province of Sri Lanka has been affected by disasters, fighting caused by the 30-year-old civil war and seasonal floods. The education status of the province was low ranked in comparing with the other provinces of Sri Lanka. The infrastructure facilities of the rural schools are destructed due to the heavy fighting in the areas and most schools in the cluttered corners remain isolated from access to resources both infrastructure and materials for the Teaching learning process. Most of the children travel to school by bicycles or by walking many distance. Household poverty has also tremendously weakened the young children where most of the pupils are not fed with their breakfasts. Education human resources are yet another problem where there aren’t sufficient teachers to the school.

The early childhood and primary education has been severely affected in these areas resulting in major school dropouts in secondary classes.

On the other side, its noted that most of the youth are not provided with skills for life, vocational trainings and economic education to sustain their lives. As a result, earnings for daily living becomes a threatening factor.

SHF wants to see that we work with those community groups to change the lives of many children and youth who have witnessed the uncertainties of the present.

Below mentioned are the key action directions that SHF will focus for another 3 years.

  1. Supporting rural Preschools/Schools with adequate learning. environments, materials and tools.
  2. Setting up a scholarship fund for the education of girl children.
  3. Vocational training and career guidance for youth.
  4. ICT and language centers in the rural areas.
  5. Establishment of rural resource centers for reading & learning.
  6. Organize skill and knowledge sharing on economic literacy.
  7. Art & cultural enhancement programs.