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SHF keeps Peaceful cohesion, mutual understanding and tolerance at the helm of its broader mission to fight discrimination and social instability.

We believe that inter cultural understanding amidst diverse socio ethnic and cultural groups will bridge the gaps between diverse communities and it opens the opportunity for greater partnerships and grass-root cohesion.

While peaceful cohesion and understanding among the communities are built up, the spirit of coexistence will enhance the communities and social groups to share the resources they thrive for. Its eminently People sharing their potentials with other people who deserve it.

Mutual resource sharing among the communities will help the people to respectfully work together for socio economic development and prosperity. To achieve this priorities SHF will concentrate on building transparent communities backed by effective rural governance practices.

SHF will work closely with its partners and community stakeholders on the below mentioned action areas

  1. Building participatory Governance & accountability.
  2. Launch intercultural Art festivals and conferences.
  3. Promote inter faith dialogues.
  4. Organize knowledge sharing sessions for youth, women and community leaders on justice and reconciliation.
  5. Build relationships with regional networks, organizations & state agencies.
  6. Establish multi cultural Art & resource centers.
  7. Workshop on participatory governance for rural leaders.

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